Happy couple

Healing from Infidelity


It’s hard to imagine a time more devastating than when a spouse is unfaithful. Emotions flood. Self-worth is often damaged. There are so many questions that when answered trigger more questions.

For the partner who was unfaithful and wants to repair the damage there is shame and confusion. There is usually a determination to rebuild the marriage better than it was before the infidelity.

An affair doesn’t always include sexual behavior, but is always a betrayal.  An emotional affair, a social media reconnection with a romance from the past, and even sexual fantasizing will damage trust and connection beyond what usually can be repaired without help. Because repair after an affair is so difficult couples often pull further apart and eventually divorce.

We can help you repair a marriage that has been shattered by infidelity. Your marriage can be rebuilt stronger and more secure than it has ever been. We can help you find the love, joy, and safety that you have always wanted.